Beyond The Horizon Vision Statement

In The Next Five Years

we will invite anyone who comes through our doors to a passionate expression of joyful fellowship in Christ.  

We Will Accomplish This

through nurturing one another in our growing faith while welcoming all people, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey, to a fellowship rich in Christ's love.

We Will Engage

the community as a loving, caring and welcoming church who shows Jesus' love in all our interactions with individuals, families, and our community regardless of what situation or place in society they find themselves.

We Will Be

more wed to Jesus than to church habits, reaching the world with a relational, not a program driven, approach to ministry.

We Will Empower

members of the church community to gain leadership skills, bringing along individuals early in their walk with Jesus to become the future leaders and faithful servants in the church and community.

We invite everyone who is part of Hope Bible Fellowship to work together to accomplish these goals as we -

"Grow In Christ & Multiply His Love"